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How to Create Valuable Content

SUMMARY This episode is about how you can create valuable content. We discuss on what it takes to create content that is perceived as valuable so that you are much more in demand as an influencer. If we

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How to Build a Personal Brand

SUMMARY In this episode, we talk about how you can brand yourself and create a personal brand so that you become that premium provider who is sought after because what you know makes a big difference in people’s

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Lessons from My 55 Years of Life

SUMMARY In this episode, I share with you my six lessons from 55 years of living and how you can have a fulfilled life. If we don’t get this right, we’re going to live a life of disappointment,

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How to Avoid Mistakes

SUMMARY In this episode, I am going to teach you how you can learn from your mistakes before you even make them. It is about getting it wrong to getting it right. If we don’t get this right

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How to Communicate Effectively

SUMMARY In this episode, we will discuss how we can communicate effectively and be able to shift people’s thinking. To get your point across to someone else’s mind you have to communicate in a way that is consistent

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How to Be Seen as a Leader

SUMMARY In this episode, we talk about the steps you can follow so that you are seen as a leader. All of us are leading someone and if we don’t get it right, we have no real knowledge,

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