Not just leaving a legacy.


Mel is obsessed with helping people live meaningful, fruitful and impactful lives. As a business owner & entrepreneur himself he knows what to do in businesses to have more profit, fans and freedom. His principles help customers become raving fans and your life full with fulfillment from a business that is congruent with your values, in alignment with your higher vision and connected to all stakeholders at an emotional level.

Mel began his entrepreneurial journey at age 11 performing magic shows for parties. It was this early taste of entrepreneurship that spurred him on to look at how to create a life on his own terms through entrepreneurship. Fueled by his education and background as a CPA, Mel spent most of his early career obsessing about understanding what drives business success but more importantly how to create a life by design through entrepreneurship and business.

Mel learned how to build a business from nothing after a partnership breakup left him with no clients, no cash flow, no work backlog and almost half a million dollars in debt. It was during this time where Mel rebuilt his business and life that he got what he calls his “greatest business lesson from a 6-year old boy”. That same year was when Mel became a single full-time dad of his 6-year old son. Shortly, after that his son gave Mel the vision of how his son saw him by drawing a picture of him. It was this picture that woke Mel up to the realization that it isn’t about “business for business sake but business for life sake” and that it is more important to get the meaning of business right before focusing on the mechanics of business.

Mel's Message

I’m a CPA by education but an entrepreneur by exhilaration and a true believer that entrepreneurs and businesses can change the world. It’s through entrepreneurship that we create community, support society and live our dreams. It’s where possibility meets reality and we can bring our dreams out of the darkness and breath life into them again.

I love helping bring people’s dreams out of the darkness and breath life into them again. Whether it’s to increase our impact, achieve more and have more success at work, start a business, become an author, or be a high performing athlete, there’s a gap between how good we are and how good we are capable of being. But many of us spend more time wanting and wishing, than actually doing and achieving. At the same time, we see people that are doing just that…achieving really big goals.

After all, I believe we’re here to create a legacy beyond acquiring, achieving and accomplishing by connecting meaningfully and impacting lives through our businesses, services and ideals each and every day.

I’m native Californian (born and raised) and truly love creating crazy fun experiences with those I love, especially traveling with my beautiful bride, Stefanie and our Sheepadoodle, Budo. I love the beach and trying to surf (I’m more of a buoy than a surfer at this point). I’m a constant prankster and a jokester. My day isn’t complete until Stefanie rolls her eyes, shakes her head and asks, “are you ever going to grow up”. Well we know the answer to that, right? (…she plays along though, because she’s good like that).

Career Highlights

Mel and Other THought Leaders

Mel is one of the smartest business people I know. I don't make any decisions without him! "

Brendon Burchard
#1 New York Times
Best Selling Author




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