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Mel H. Abraham, CPA, CVA, ASA is a highly credentialed seasoned professional that has been called upon to serve as valuation, litigation, and accounting expert.  He has been hired an expert witness to individuals, businesses, and the Department of Treasury in numerous cases. He is able to quantify the financial issues, identify the legal aspects, and present his conclusions in clearly written reports and effective expert testimony.  Given his background and experience he has assisted business owners and corporations in various areas of their business including:

  • Valuation analysis and valuation engineering
  • Financial analysis
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Strategic visioning and planning
  • Acquisition analysis

From a valuation perspective, he performs valuations for companies operating in a wide variety of industries.  He has worked extensively in valuations for gift, estate, and inheritance tax planning; merger and acquisition transactions; buy-sell agreements; and marital dissolution proceedings.

He has testified as an expert in US Tax Court and a number of other jurisdictions. Additionally, Mel has the unique perspective to have been hired as an expert to represent the IRS in valuation matters as well as the Tax Court and taxpayers. Mel was personally asked by the late Judge David Laro to step in to teach his valuation course as an Adjunct Professor at the University of San Diego Law School.

In litigation, he provides the strategic input necessary to resolve matters in which mediation, arbitration, or other alternative means can be used to avoid prolonged legal proceedings.  He has been called upon to serve as the joint expert representing both parties in disputes, and has also served as a court appointed referee.

In consulting, Mel does more than perform standard valuation and litigation consulting services for companies. He truly looks to partner with clients to define their company’s goals, develop their business, determine its worth in the marketplace, and defend its value, both at the bargaining table and in court in an independent and objective way.

He understands the very personal relationship business owners have with their businesses, so he doesn’t simply apply a formula and plug in the figures. He begins by learning the story behind the numbers. Then he uses his expertise to objectively analyze and interpret the information, contribute meaningful advice, and present relevant and reliable results.

Mel also offers strong strategic alliances and one of the most extensive and experienced affiliates networks in the industry. These vital industry connections allow him to quickly and dependably provide clients with the right solutions, regardless of geography or jurisdiction.

Experience and industry leadership also differentiate Mel. Mel is nationally recognized as an industry expert and one of the foremost instructors in business valuation and related consulting services. This commitment to professional development has positioned Mel to influence industry wide valuation theory and practice standards, as well as evolving issues and trends.

He carefully evaluates the scope, dynamics and technical aspects of each project, so that he can best meet the requirements of the engagement.  He believes that education, professional commitment, experience, and communication skills are key qualities that financials experts must possess.


Although, there is no guarantee of value or an outcome with the taxing authorities there are some very specific processes and methods that we have built into our work flow that raise the probability of success.

It is also the way we work with our clients to assure that the best-case product is put forward to position you for the success. Alternatively, if these processes are not followed it will decrease your probabilities and increase your exposures. The Valuation Success Paradigm TM is how we look at a valuation project and is our unique approach to your valuation success. Each of the four stages will move you higher on the probability of success scale.

For this framework to work effectively, it requires a cohesive effort between our firm, you and your advisors. The story, NOT the numbers will actually drive your success. Our ability to tell the story around the numbers is directly impacted by your responsiveness to our information requests as well as the detail in which you respond. The opinion of value and work product are 100% our own but the initial data and information you provide will impact everything we do and needs to be complete and accurate.

The above framework dictates how we approach a project as well as if we choose to accept a client or not. We need to know that you understand and are fully committed to the process and what it takes before we accept you as a client.


Mel is and has worked with numerous boards of directors as a director or advisor over the past 2 decades. Through his involvement and directorship he has brought his wealth of expertise and experience of strategic, finance, valuation, accounting and communication to the board as well as strategic thinking and ability to anticipate problems and solve them before they become real. As a Director, Mel also serves on various committees including compensation, pension, transaction, succession and Chairman of the audit committee. 

Mel helps organizations use thought leadership to build market leadership. To inquire about Mel’s board solutions, email

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