012 Financial Independence Through Digital Products With James Wedmore

Today, I’m welcoming my first guest on the show, James Wedmore. He is an online business coach, founder of Business By Design and the host of Mind Your Business Podcast. James is well known in the online space for his unique online courses and content. 

We talk about James’ journey into becoming who he is today, what he did right, what he did wrong, what it takes to scale and build a business, but also what it DOESN’T take. We talk about what it means to be a Digital CEO, and how to create a business that creates cash flow, giving you the income you need to build an asset base and to become financially independent. James talks about the hierarchy of change, stress and logic versus fear, and much more. So grab a notepad and let’s dive in! 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– What is a Digital CEO, and what we need to do to become one

– The differences between a marketing strategy and running a business

– The five levels of the hierarchy of change, and the best way to level up

– Why the way we show up in our company is crucial to our business

– How learning to let go can help us grow and scale our business

– The three keys to IBM’s success, and what we can learn from them

One of the most distinctive characteristics of entrepreneurs is that they have goals that they think about, dream about, and they concentrate their efforts to achieve those goals. The next step is realizing that the new thing we want to accomplish in our business requires letting go of something. So we want something, and that something wants something from us. Are we willing to give that away? 

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