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I’m glad you’re here.

That means that not only are you excited to elevate your career as an influencer – you’re dedicated to making the biggest possible impact. 

You probably realize that the future of your influencer business depends upon high-quality content and strategic planning to postition yourself as a thought leader. 

master the same techniques used by the top 3% of INDUSTRY influencers.

Positioning yourself as an industry thought leader is no easy task, but with a proven formula for success, the career of your dreams is within arm’s reach. 

Join me on the journey to success, using the exact same techniques I’ve used to launch ultra-lucrative expert businesses for myself and several other influencers. 

It’s your time to claim your spot at the top!  

FOLLOW proven step-by-step guidance to...

Identify Your Expertise

Learn how to leverage your unique insights and stand out in even the most crowded markets.

Build Signature Frameworks

Discover the 4 types of content frameworks and implementation techniques to increase the impact of your content and boost sales.

Heighten Your Credibility

Use the Credibility Creator to build demand and charge a premium with an impressive industry presence.

Craft Compelling Content

Quickly and easily modularize your knowledge to craft impactful speeches, courses, podcasts, books, and more!

Map Your Proprietary Process

Design a unique process to propel your business and achieve maximum results on a consistent basis.

Choose a Strategic Platform

Define the best ways to reach your audience and have the largest impact on your market. 

Attract Clients + Customers

Master sales conversations and develop a focused 90-day plan to increase the momentum of your business.

comes with a money-back guarantee.

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If you don’t absolutely LOVE Thoughtpreneur Academy, simply email us (within 30 days) with documentation that you did all the assignments and work and we'll give you a FULL refund. No questions asked!

30-day SHOW YOUR

work Guarantee

nfl player and entrepreneur anthony trucks completely transformed his business with thoughtpreneur academy.

launch your profitable influencer
business in just 8 easy-to-follow modules:

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immediately actionable lessons

Each members-only module is packed with easy-to-follow steps and downloadable tools/templates, so you can reach your greatest goals in record time.


These exclusive tools and templates make leveraging yourself as an industry leader almost as simple as filling in the blanks!

I’m Mel Abraham, your tour guide to the top.

As a recognized thought leader and business expert,
I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs stand out within their market and achieve maximum growth and success.

The strategies you’ll learn in Thoughtpreneur Academy are the exact same tactics used to help my multi-million dollar clients dominate the industry.

Now it’s your turn to take the lead!

Let me show you how...

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Access this separate training by my good friend and colleague, Brendon Burchard. He’ll cover the key focus points for driving your business growth with minimal effort.

The Power of Story $497 VALUE

Storytelling is an incredible tool for bringing your content to life and raising your value within the marketplace. 

This training with master storyteller and broadway performer, Bo Eason, focuses on how you can use storytelling to 10X your impact.

Key Business Drivers $497 VALUE

Branding You $497 VALUE

Unlock a special training on the foundational elements of branding, and learn what you need to consider when it comes to protecting your brand.

Exclusive Thoughtpreneur Community $4,997 VALUE

Join an exclusive network for up-and-coming thoughtpreneurs – where advice, learning, and tricks are shared daily. 

This is a think-tank of incredible minds, making a huge difference in the digital world.

This proven 4-phase process will give you the tools you need to build your own successful platform.

 Gain the visibility and wisdom necessary to charge premium prices for your personal expertise.

The Platform Progression $597 VALUE

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Have a pressing question you need answered before enrolling in Thoughtpreneur Academy?

Below is a list of the most common questions I’ve been asked. If for some odd

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Thoughtpreneur Academy is a specifically created process that extracts your knowledge, wisdom and unique genius from within you. It does this in 3 very distinct ways


#1. DISTINCTION - This is the very core of your unique genius DNA that no one else can duplicate which results in your ability to stand well above the conception as THE thought leader expert.

#2. PACKAGE - TPA's plug and play worksheets and templates allow you to build your transformation into compelling signature frameworks and proprietary processes which allow you communicate your value, message and transformation in a memorable and results-driven way just like the top thought leaders do but may not tell you about.

#3. FLEXIBILITY - While other programs tend to focus on a single mode of delivery such as courses, speaking, writing or coaching, the TPA process allows you to capture your work in a way that you can deliver it through all different modes which gives you more ways to monetize your knowledge than a single mode of delivery would.


What makes Thoughtpreneur academy different than any of the other stuff out there?

TPA was created for those who have a message and an expertise that solves peoples problems and helps them improve their businesses and lives. If you have insights, knowledge or a message that serves then this is the only place you should be. The incredible thing about this process is it'll become integrated into everything you do no matter your level beginner or otherwise. Our clients use it daily as they continue to craft new messages, thought leadership and programs to allow them to stand out, command high fees and have high impact.


If I am just getting started, and I don't have a business yet, is this still a good fit for me?

A small list isn't a problem because in order to build a following you need to first give them a compelling reason to follow you. This comes down to your content and the transformation you offer. So let's get that dialed in first so it's inviting, enticing and impactful.


I don't have a big list or following, will this program still help me?

YES. Totally you are because it is through this process that you create "thought leader" worthy content that translates into books, courses, speeches, coaching, consulting and more. 


I don't have anything to sell, am I ready for this program yet?

Great question…it actually depends on you and where you're at. The reality is that we want to dig into your expertise with depth so you are the clear choice as the expert on your topic. After all isn't more important to have the impact you were put here to have versus measuring the time it takes to have that impact? Also, this will become your lifelong process and you have LIFETIME access to.


Wow, SOUNDS LIKE A much time is this going to take?

Absolutely, it's through the process of building your thought leadership that is well thought out with depth and a process behind it that gives you the confidence and ability to deliver your message with conviction. 

BTW - I struggle with the same things too so I'm not exempt here :-)


I often have issues with confidence and dealing with the judgment that comes with putting myself out there. Will this help?

Within an hour of joining you'll receive your login credentials for the digital video training portal and the information to join the PRIVATE Facebook Group. Then simply dive in content will be released weekly to you to allow for you to complete the work at each stage!


What can I expect once I enroll in Thoughtpreneur academy?

ARMY OF DIFFERENCE-MAKERS - As a member of TPA, know that you're now part of the Army of Difference-Makers and I want to make sure you're supported. We do this in a few ways:

#1. PRIVATE (MEMBERS-ONLY) FACEBOOK GROUP - This is your community. This is your chance to ask questions and get feedback about your work.

#2. LIVE GROUP Q&A CALLS - I jump into the Private Group typically monthly to answer your questions live.

#3. LIVE EVENT - When you attend one of the Influencer Intensive LIVEs, we will be workshopping the latest thinking on thought leadership and this is also where I get to roll-up my sleeves with you and help get things done.


If I get stuck or need support, is it available?

We have a 30-day "show your work" guarantee. If you don’t absolutely LOVE Thoughtpreneur Academy, simply email us (within 30 days) with documentation that you did all the assignments and work and we'll give you a FULL refund. No questions asked! 

Why "show your work"? Because we are committed to helping you be THE authority in your market and we want you to implement execute and get your message out in the world the right way. The only way to do that is to do the work that others won't so you can be the thought leader you are meant to be.

If you haven't done the work, there is no basis for a refund. 


What is the guarantee/refund policy for THOUGHTPRENEUR ACADEMY

ENROLL TODAY to receive half off,

plus $12,500 in exclusive bonuses!

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