The Entrepreneur’s Solution

The Entrepreneur’s Solution

The Modern Millionaire’s Path to More Profit, Fans & Freedom

(#1 National Bestselling Book – The Entrepreneur’s Solution)

IDEAL AUDIENCE: Executive Leadership, Entrepreneurs, Sales Teams, Network Marketing/MLM, Business Owners *Can be Customized

VALUE: Increase your ability to build a profitable business your way. It’s all about creating a business that has an impact while not sucking the life out of you.

This presentation is based on Mel’s #1 National Bestseller, The Entrepreneur’s Solution which was originally a manual he wrote for his son to live an entrepreneur’s life. Don’t be fooled by the title because this impact people at all stage, ages and levels within your business.

This is about awakening the entrepreneurial spirit in us all: the drive to fulfill our highest potential as individuals, as a country, and as members of a global community. This presentation is rich with the stories and experiences that came from decades as an entrepreneur, advisor, and mentor. He gives you the recipe that not only helps you build a business but to build a life and create an entrepreneurial journey of epic proportions. Whether you’re a business owner, in the executive suite, or part of a sales team, it is the level of thinking you bring to what you do that sets the trajectory for how far you can go.

Mel shows you the key frameworks to harness your creative force, break free of what is holding you back, and getting your life in alignment with your intention and purpose. It is through these frameworks (and the author’s stories) that your journey to a land where your team is connected, committed, and loyal, your customers become raving fans, and your life full of fulfillment because the business you are creating is in congruence with your values, operated in alignment with your higher vision and connected to all stakeholders at an emotional level.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the 3 pillars to having entrepreneurial superstar thinking

  • Learn the 4 primary mind traps that hold people back from fulfilling their highest potential and what to do instead

  • Learn why entrepreneurial thinking at all levels of life and business is a must for fulfillment and sustained success

  • Learn core elements to bring people together for a common cause, purpose and mission

  • Learn how these factors drive more profits, more fan and more freedom for all stakeholders

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Mel is one of the smartest business people I know. I don't make any decisions without him! "

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