Your event is one of the most important experiences for your audience and your speaker lineup can make or break the experience.

Mel has been a presenter for some of the most popular conferences and events for the past decade. He’s often called on to bring his brand of high energy, high content presentation to move the audience to get results.

Promoters have said things like “he’s the best trainer hands down I’ve seen”, “engaging practical, and left the audience wanting more”, “has amazing, inviting energy and people hang on his every word” and “always voted “Most Valuable” by the attendees”.

Mel is a perfect choice for audiences looking to build their business, find financial independence, give their teams and people financial peace of mind. He’s an easy choice for a range of audiences including network marketing and direct sellers to entrepreneurs and business owners or corporations that are trying to increase their employee retention and happiness through meaningful life-changing programs.

Here are a few other reasons why you should bring Mel in for your event, organization or meeting:


Dedicated To Your Outcome

Mel sees his job as more than a speaker, rather his focus is to be an integral part of your event and to do what he can to help it be a transformative experience for everyone. He is frequently asked back because he delivers and leaves people wanting more.


Marketing Chops

As an entrepreneur himself, Mel has marketing in his blood. Once he’s booked Mel will do what he can to bring his marketing knowledge and access his assets to help you drive desire, excitement and attendance. He truly wants to be part of the journey to the show and to help you in any way possible to make the event a success and you look like a superstar..


Vivid Visuals

Mel brings a unique visual presentation style that integrates vivid imagery, compelling frameworks and dynamic stage presence. Everything in Mel’s presentation is to take the audience on an emotional and psychological journey to transformation by bringing real world, proven strategies to the audience.


Meaningful Stories

Mel learned the power of teaching through stories during his time as a testifying expert witness on financial matters. He brings this same storytelling teaching to all his presentations to ensure the audience not only gets the lessons but feels them to their core. This also allows the presentations to become vividly memorable that keep people talking about them long after the session is over..


Relevant and Flexible

Mel knows that the objective is to shift lives, increase profits and build empowered culture so your event has a positive impact. Mel typically works directly to cocreate the experience as you envision it and tries to accommodate your requests whenever possible and make himself available to you to provide value beyond just his presentation.


Frameworks and Tangible Tactics

Mel is known for his unique frameworks to give the audience an easy to follow map to transformation. It allows him to bring simplicity to the complex, visual to the invisible and action to the inert. This is one of the reasons he has been called “the thought leader to thought leaders”..


Real World

None of what Mel brings to his sessions is “ivory tower” theory. It is all proven and a result of his 30+ year journey as an entrepreneur, advisor, author and consultant. Everything Mel speaks to he has done himself and more importantly his clients have done. It’s real world work that works in the real world.


Bespoke Messaging

Mel likes to dig into the biggest frustrations that your audience or organization is facing to bring that into his content and try to provide solutions through his presentation. He typically wants to speak with the various stakeholders to fully understand the vision, the challenges and the needs so he can integrate the relevant messages into the work he does.


Captures Your Vision

Mel is one of the most effective financial and business speakers you will find. His passion to see people excel beyond their current beliefs fuels him to constantly look for ways to create higher and higher value for those he has the privilege of being in front of. He wants to understand what would be a blow out success for you and looks for ways to make that happen.

Contact Mel’s team now to check his availability! He would love to meet you and put on the event of the year for your audience. or call 805-578-1515

Mel is one of the smartest business people I know. I don't make any decisions without him! "

Brendon Burchard
#1 New York Times
Best Selling Author




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