“If you get to work with this guy make sure you do it, he’s a genuine heart & true expert!”

Mel is the mastermind that I go to on everything business. His hidden magic is his ability to take experts and thought leaders to another level in their brand and business. He’s helped me build mine so I know he can help you build yours.

~~Brendon Burchard, #1 NY Times Best Selling Author & Global Thought Leader

“We’ve almost 3x’ed our sales since we’ve met Mel!”

Mel helped us define what is the one thing and create the distinction that allowed us to stand out. It’s been so unbelievably successful that we literally have a waitlist of high-end clients waiting to work with us.

We’ve added at least $1,100,000/year to our business & hit the highest conversion rates on any of our launches.

~~Brandon Lucero, Video 4X Effect

“In 2017 we finally broke 7 figures which was a big goal of mine! ”

And the key reason for that was positioning and frameworks. And the go to person I always go to for this is Mel Abraham…if you’re looking at how thought leadership can make you market leader and build your business then get on Mel’s radar, get in his world because your business and your life will thank you for it.

~~Rick Mulready, The Art of Paid Traffic

“Mel literally is the Swiss Army knife of business”

In the olden days, when I first started out I thought being a thought leader was just about giving a bunch of content & when I met Mel…this guy blew my mind. He gave me a framework to communicate what I know in a powerful way. He literally is the Swiss Army knife of business.

~~James Wedmore, Business By Design

“Mel’s a genius…he’s an absolute genius!”

Mel’s a genius…he’s an absolute genius! Mel helps you figure out how to stand out from the crowd and create a distinct business that’s different from everyone else.

I feel so much more grounded and aligned and equipped to move forward like never before!

~~Rachel McMichaels, Digital Market & Facebook Ad Strategist

“Mel showed us how to really stand out and separate in a saturated market!”

Having him get his eyes on my stuff and help me create a framework and really standing out in a way that this is my content, I own it, nobody else teaches it like me…all of a sudden it made so much sense and my programs are different than ever now!

Mel is showing us how to really stand out and separate in a saturated market!

~~Stacy Tuschl, She’s Building Her Empire

“Mel is my go to person to become an Authority in my niche!”

I was so blown away about the deep knowledge Mel has around business building, frameworks and thought leadership. He is my go to person when it comes to becoming an authority in my niche!

~~Sigrun, Creator of SOMBA

“Mel is a Rockstar!”

Mel Abraham is a rockstar…his strategies, his principles and his frameworks are incredible. And the way he delivers them when he’s teaching entrepreneur is so powerful…Our business has grown tremendously as a result of his way of thinking.

~~Rachel Perry, The Tag Team

“Mel made it easy to stay relevant, distinct & valued in a noisy market!”

He taught me how to take an idea from my head and create a whole framework around it so I can easily teach it. Mel has crafted something that is truly one of the most pivotal pieces of my business. You’ll go from struggling to thriving in your business!

~~Anthony Trucks, Entrepreneur & NFL Pro

“I have the confidence to really know that I am a thought leader!”

He helped me hone in on my messaging so I can clearly state who I help, how I help and what it is that I do and to stand in my greatness!

He’s so good, I’ve brought him to work with my students more than any other person…and everybody raves about him.

~~Tiffany Lee Bymaster, Lights Camera, Branding

Mel is one of the smartest business people I know. I don't make any decisions without him! "

Brendon Burchard
#1 New York Times
Best Selling Author




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