Conquering Your Money Emotions

Conquering Your Money Emotions

The Keys to Not Getting Taken for a Ride on the Emotional Rollercoaster of Money & Investing

IDEAL AUDIENCE: Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Network Marketing/MLM, Employees, Executives *Can be Customized

VALUE: Eliminate the stories and emotions around money so you can finally take control of your financial destiny. Whether employee or entrepreneur, it’s removing obstacles to allow you to grow financially.

The fact is money and investing and your financial future is as much an emotional one as it is a financial one. The reality is most money issues are behavior issues and behavior issues are effectively emotional, or mindset, issues. We often stand in our own way by allowing our emotions to get the best of us as markets go up and down.

Money is taboo and most families never talk about it. My studies have shown that everyone carries some level of shame, embarrassment, and guilt around money whether you have millions or a few thousand dollars. 

However, when you understand the reality and have the right strategies and tactics, the emotions no longer control you. In fact, you see the swings as opportunities to expand your financial comfort zone and build your wealth.

In this fast-paced presentation, Mel gives you a glimpse into the rollercoaster ride of money emotions but then quickly shifts to the strategies and tactics to get off the ride and keep you on track to your financial destiny.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the emotional rides of the market so you can ride them with grace.

  • Learn The five principles that can keep you from getting sucked into making emotional financial decisions.

  • Understand Full Spectrum Mentoring™ how to choose the right mentor for your situation.

  • Learn the four stages of The Affluence Journey™ and how to navigate through them.

  • Discover the simple mathematics to wealth-building

  • Learn where to focus your investing on first to accelerate your financial results

  • Understanding the Wealth Priority Ladder™ framework which is what the wealthy use to build their financial independence

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