The Affluence Blueprint™

Financial Wellness, the Missing Link to Profitability Through Recruiting & Retaining Top Talent

Increase Productivity, Build Efficiency & Raise Profitability Through Financial Security

IDEAL AUDIENCE: Corporate Organizations, Employee-based Companies, NGOs *Can be customized

VALUE: Elevate your company’s ability to recruit and retain top talent by giving them financial security. It’s all about taking away their financial stress so it increases their focus, productivity and your bottom line.

In a world where canceling is the norm and the great resignation is the trend, companies need to stand out, be distinct to attract and retain good talent while boosting their bottom line.

One of the keys to attracting, retaining, and increasing productivity of your employees is to reduce your employees stress levels and make sure that they and their future is cared about.

With all the focus lately on mental wellness and even physical wellness for employees most are missing the key ingredient to make workplace wellness a reality…Financial Wellness.

In a 2020 PwC study found 54% of employees say financial matters or challenges are the largest stressor in their life. Also, a 2019 Salary Finance Study cited poor financial wellness (and lost productivity, increased turnover costs) account for an average 11%-14% of employers payroll costs.

And a Salary Finance survey showed a “cash strapped” employee is 5.8 times more likely to miss deadlines and 4.9 times more likely to produce lower quality work.

This is because stress leads to higher levels of sick time and PTO as well as poor quality work are a result of the chronic distractions caused by financial issues and the employees mind not being present with their work.

The answer isn’t more money, rather it is about giving employees the knowledge, tools and tactics to do the right thing with the money they have…it’s called financial security.

When your employees feel more financially secure and feel like they have control of their financial future, they will be less distracted, more productive and work with greater dedication and efficiency.

And that doesn’t even speak to the impact it can have on the company’s recruitment and retention efforts. Consider the market distinction you gain by getting known for having a caring culture for your employees

I don’t mean window dressing caring but real, deep caring where they see themselves as part of a family instead of a company.

An Employee Benefit News study showed the percentage of employees “highly stressed” about personal finances dropped from 52.4% to 19.2% after a financial wellness program.

This was validated by a PwC 2018 Financial Wellness Survey showed that companies that provided some training and support around financial wellness found:

  • 41% go there spending under control
  • 39% prepared for retirement
  • 31% paid off debt
    27% saved for major goals
  • 23% better managed investments/assets

The fact is, companies with a culture of caring for their employees by providing access to programs, trainings and resources that reduce stress and appeals to their future have more productive and more loyal employees that stay with the company for long tenures.

If you’re realizing that you want to reduce stress on your employees, increase their productivity and increase your bottom line, then it’s time to think about your employee’s financial wellness.

Mel’s entertaining and powerful presentation will provide your team, employees and management the foundational principles and specific steps to create an unshakeable financial foundation.

This can be the catalyst for less stress at work, no more distractions that impact productivity and let them know that the company they work for cares about their well being and future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the single most powerful wealth-building tool you have

  • Learn where your single greatest point of failure is when it comes to building wealth (the answer might surprise you)

  • Learn why making a lot of money actually isn’t the answer to building wealth and financial security

  • Learn The five principles that can keep you from getting sucked into making emotional financial decisions.

  • Discover the simple mathematics to wealth-building for financial security

  • Learn where to focus your investing on first to accelerate your financial results

  • Understand The Wealth Priority Ladder™ framework which is what the wealthy use to build your financial security

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