We get a choice how we want to conduct our businesses. We get a choice how we want to show up in this world. We get a choice what legacy we want to create. One of the benefits and I think responsibilities for entrepreneurs is to have a positive indelible impact on society while creating a life of your dreams. In this short video I ask if your business has ay meaning beyond the bottom line? I would love to hear your thoughts. What does your business do beyond the bottom line? What legacy are you creating right now?

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This is Mel unplugged, unscripted, having a conversation with you. 


Mel is the Founder of Business Breakthrough Academy & Thoughtpreneur Academy! He provides strategic consulting/mentoring to entrepreneurs to effectively create, build & expand businesses with his Legacy Grid™ & becoming a Thought Leader in your space. It is about creating a life through business – a life of financial freedom and peace of mind!


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