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In this special live episode from under the Sydney Harbor Bridge, I answer a question about the importance of mentors, what to look for and how to get a good mentor.

Importance of Mentors

Mentors are tremendously important for the growth and success of your future. We have to get the right mentor if we want to reach our dreams. They are like bridges that navigate you from point A to point B quickly and easily without having to deal with hazards, pitfalls and problems along the way. Mentors already know about such hazards and their knowledge prevents you from having to deal with the same.

What to Look For in Mentors

Mentors should have travelled the same journey that you are looking to travel. They should have the experience to share so you may be able to face the challenges. They should be able to clearly understand your values, visions and ideals. Their own values and visions should also be in alignment with yours. If it is not the case then they will bring in-congruency into your life. You will learn some good advice but that might not be related to the path you want to travel.

Mentors should also be accessible not only from a time standpoint but emotionally as well. You should be able to have frank and transparent conversations with them at a deep level. Your mentor should be direct to point out the mistakes without sugarcoating them.

How to Get a Good Mentor

There are two ways you can get mentors:

1. You can pay them making sure they are worth every penny that you’ve put in.
2. You can serve them and they will reciprocate with their knowledge and experience.

Think about where you want to be in the next twelve months and five years. Get yourself the right people who will help you get there. When compared to training and education, mentorship is the best choice to accelerate you to your destination, goals and vision.

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Hey there I’m Mel Abraham, the author of the new number 1 best-selling book, The Entrepreneur’s Solution and the founder of Business Breakthrough Academy. And welcome back to The Entrepreneur’s Solution Show, in this episode. This is going to be a little different episode because I’m actually going to take you to a live episode that I did from actually down under, from under the Sydney Harbor Bridge and it’s answering a question that was posed to me; then I get this a lot.

What do you look for? Why are mentors important and what do you look for in a mentor? How do you find a good mentor? What is it about mentorship?

And I got to tell you, mentor are … I wouldn’t be where I’m at if it wasn’t for mentors and colleagues and the support and the people that, that supported me in this journey. The book certainly wouldn’t be at number 1. It wouldn’t be on the USA Today bestseller list. None of that would have happened if it wasn’t for mentors.

And so, I think this is really … this is tremendously important to your success, to your growth and to your future. And so, getting it right, getting the right mentors is absolutely paramount to doing that.

So, there’s going to be a guidebook that you can get access to that’ll take you through what it is you want to look for with your mentors—the kinds of questions you might ask and the kinds of things that you might consider. It’ll help you out tremendously finding the right mentors and in order to get that go to MelAbraham.com/session016, it’s MelAbraham.com/session016.

If you’re not at your computer and you happen to be running or driving or doing things, I want you to be safe. So, go ahead and just text MYLEGACY, one word no spaces to 38470. You’ll get a link directly to your phone that you can then download and it’ll ask you some additional information so we can make sure that we get you the proper information.

So, right after this brief introduction we’re going to come back, we’re going to go down under to Sydney; we’re going to talk about, going to talk about mentorship and how to find the right mentor, why it’s important and the things to look for. I’ll see you back here soon. Cheers!

Hey there, I’m Mel Abraham the author of The Entrepreneur’s Solution and the founder of Business Breakthrough Academy where we teach you how to design a business and create a life of financial freedom and peace of mind.

And I happen to be out here in Sydney, just finished a four-day program here in Sydney. Some amazing entrepreneurs here in Sydney, some great people—I love this country, love this island, love this city. And I thought it was kind of interesting to be here in Sydney in front of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, which is one of the most iconic bridges in the world. I think it’s recognized all around the world and just the thought of what that bridge signifies and what a bridge in general is all about.

And you think about it just in its simplest form—a bridge is something that allows you to go from point A to point B in the quickest, easiest way possible. But what the bridge is really trying to do is allow you to navigate, to navigate through the possible hazards, the pitfalls, the problems, what’s below the bridge. In this case happens to be some water that can get kind of rough at times. And it could be, it could be a canyon, it could be rocks and so it is I think in business.

And when we talk about business breakthroughs and trying to build an entrepreneurial path is to understand that we all need bridges and those bridges come in many, many forms:

• It could be a mentor
• It could be a training program.

I know from me, I wouldn’t have had the success that I’ve had if it wasn’t for some of the great mentors that have been in my life and are still in my life. And I kind of, look at things in a different light, in a sense that to me a mentor has walked the path already.

• They’ve been down the road.
• They understand the pitfalls.
• They understand where the potholes are.

So they know where the hazards are and they can navigate. They can create the bridge so:

• You don’t have to step.
• You don’t have to swim the rapids.
• You don’t have to trip and fall.

And already have to have the challenges that maybe they experienced and so one of the questions is that:

Do you have a mentor?

• And has that mentor travelled the journey that you’re looking to travel?
• Do they have the experience that they can bring to bear on the challenges that you might be dealing with?

The other thing to think about when you’re deciding who you want to have as a mentor is to understand whether they have the same values as you? Do they understand your vision?

For me, when I’m mentoring entrepreneurs and businesses I need to really understand their vision and I need to believe in their mission. I need to understand their mission and see their vision, and understand that we are in alignment with their values.

And I think that if you’re looking for a mentor that’s the same thing you want to look at. It’s to say, “Are they living a life that is consistent in the ideals and the values and the vision that I have for my life?”

Because if they’re not, then they’re bringing that experience or that in-congruency into your life, into the things that they’re bringing into your life and may be what happens in that process is that you may get some good advice but may be not necessarily down the path that you want to go.

So, for me when I’m looking at a mentor I want to make sure:

• That they understand my vision.
• That they have a similar set of values.

That they are accessible to me in the sense of, if I have questions, if I have challenges, that I can get to them and get those things answered.

But not only accessible from a time standpoint but accessible emotionally, to be able to have frank conversations and transparent conversations at a deep level so you can feel safe and not necessarily nurtured because trust me, I know in times when I’m mentoring folks, I need to be direct and sometimes it comes across as blunt but it is always, always with a caring heart.

• It is always with the best intentions in mind.
• It is always for their perspective and their vision in place.
• But, and it’s never to be demeaning.

But I want a mentor that is accessible. And I also want a mentor that’s willing to be straight with me and then shoot me straight and say, “Hey no, I think you’re making a big mistake here” or “That was great”.
And that they’re not going to just sugarcoat it and be a Yes Person in my life and just saying, “Yeah, I’ll cheer you no matter what you’re doing.”

But to be willing to stand up and say:

• No, I think that, that was a mistake, or
• We ought to do this differently, or
• You ought to think about it this way.

And at least give me some different perspectives and that they’re not afraid to share those perspectives with me.

And so, if you look at some of the great entrepreneurs of our time—whether it’s the Tony Hsiehs of the world, the Jeff Bezos of the world—all of them have had mentors.

• All of them have had bridges.
• All of them have had people that have helped them navigate the rapids.
  • o Had to help them avoid the challenges.
  • o To help them avoid drowning in a sea of confusion and stress and overwhelm which can happen with entrepreneurs on a regular basis.

And so, think about where you want to be in the next twelve months. And then, think about where you want to be in the next five years. And then ask yourself, “Do you have the right people in your life to help you get there?”

And if not

• Who do you need?
• Who could it be?
• What skills should they have?
• What experience should they have?

And then, go out and reach out and try to find those mentors. And when you find a mentor and some people say, “Well, how do I get someone to mentor me? Why would they even help me?”

And great, sometimes you’re going to have to pay the mentors. Some mentors will mentor without payment. Others, you might just want to serve them. For instance, one of the greatest connectors of our time happens to be Joe polish, a friend of mine and he always comes from a place of service.

And I think that if you look at your mentors and you get a chance to understand:

• Who they are, the ones that you want to have as mentors?
• Who they are or what they stand for?
• What’s important to them in their lives?

And you can serve them at that level then you’re coming from a place of service and they are a lot more likely to mentor you in that context.

At the same time, I’ve got mentors and the masterminds and other mentoring groups that I pay for and they’re worth every penny when you’re in the right group with the right group of people because

• They’re going to raise your standard.
• They’re going to raise your level.
• They’re going get you to see things that you don’t see because you’re staring in their mirror and they get a chance to see everything around you.
• They’re going to give you a different perspective.

So, those are the things that I would do if you start to, trying to find someone as a mentor and using the mentors to help you accelerate and bypass some of the … accelerate your success and bypass some of the potential problems that you may have.

So, I hope this serves you to maybe understand a little bit more of my thought process about getting help and creating bridges in your life and this is not the only bridge like I said. Mentoring is just one. There’s training and there’s education, and there’s reading and there’s all kinds of other bridges. But by far the mentoring one is the one that will accelerate you the fastest

• To your vision,
• To your goals,
• To your destination,
• To your success as you go through.

– Because they’ve been there and they know that.

So, take the time. I’d love to see and hear from you. If you’ve got questions about the kinds of mentors you’re looking for—the kinds of things you’re looking for—post a comment. Feel free and ask me questions. I would love to have that dialog with you. And if you have great mentors acknowledge them. Say thank you to them and tell me who your mentors are and what you’re looking for.

So, hope this serves you. Looking forward to talking to you on the next video and until we get a chance to chat again,

May your vision be grand, your journey epic and your legacy significant!
See you later, from down under!!
Cheers, bye!!!

All right, I hope that you enjoyed that session from down under. I hope that you found it valuable. Remember, you can get the downloadable guidebook that will help you try to facilitate understanding:

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May your vision be grand, your journey epic and your legacy significant!
See you soon. Bye!!
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